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A few words from the author of the design

I am familiar with the problem of long-term sitting from personal experience, since my professional practice sometimes requires 12-hour continuous sitting when designing buildings. My sedentary job led to tailbone, lower back and backbone pain. I tried various ergonomic and medical chairs but my problems kept coming back. I tried to solve them by doing sports and later by doing yoga. The yogic pose VIRASANA, the so called Hero Pose, has been especially effective. Pain and fatigue wore off very quickly during this pose.


Until that time I was convinced that the shape of the backrest and its angle to the seat is the cause of the problems arising from sitting. However, when doing VIRASANA pose, a person sits without a backrest, in stable position and yet it works. I came to realize that the seat itself is the problem – and it hasn’t changed for centuries. It has always been a full solid surface.


Relaxing position Virasana

And so the idea of applying the yogic pose VIRASANA onto the seat of a chair arose.

The seat of the ASANA chair is an ergonomic copy of the “design” of human legs and calves which create an ideal seat. By applying this seat onto a chair all problems are solved automatically with no need for complex setup.

The owners of the ASANA chair simply enjoy sitting.

The ASANA chair with its unique seat has been on the market for several years with great success. It has provided relief and pleasure from sitting to thousands of people with sedentary jobs. Its uniqueness and correctness were confirmed by test carried out at Charles University in Prague and by expert opinions of various specialists in biomechanics and sitting ergonomics.


Try it as well and find out that it is possible to sit without pain, health problems and fatigue.


I wish you pleasant and healthy sitting.


Ing. arch. Peter Doričko

Designer of the seat


Slovak Republic




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Ing. arch. Peter Doričko - PROINVEST
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