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New dimension of orgonomics

"Sitting causes so many problems nowadays… that people shouldn’t be sitting at all.


A revolutionary ASANA chair equipped with its unique seat has helped me to overcome this scepticism…"


Prof. Ing. Stanislav Otáhal,  CSc

Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics
Charles University in Prague,  FTVS UK


A New Way of Sitting Inspired by Ancient Yoga

The Asana chair follows from a basic yogic sitting pose on one’s own legs called “VIRASANA”. It is a relaxing body posture which is used to reduce lower back pain and overall fatigue. Unlike ordinary sitting, the anatomy of human calves creates an ideal seat, which does not apply pressure on the critical points of the human body.


The tailbone, pelvic bones, anus and genitals remain free; the pressure is applied only on the buttock muscles and thighs. At the same time the pelvis is fixed by the heels and calves in the position equal to upright walking. A structural solution to an ideal seat for people is arrived at by applying these principles.


Relaxing position

A unique seat

Long-term sitting without pain

Ergonomics and design

Asana offers you a chair which holds your body in relaxing position without any effort ensuring the highest comfort

7 Principles of Healthy Sitting

Long therm-sitting won't cause you health problems arising from sitting when your chair fulfill theese principles

The new look  of Asana Alcantara line, Architekt, Steel Standard a Medic dent

Asana Products

In the beginning i couldn't find the right chair, so

I decided to create one myself

Ing. arch. Peter Doričko - Designer

Take a closer look at the comparison of a regular chair and the ASANA chair after sitting for several hours

Tested at Charles University in Prague
International exhibition Orgatec 2016

Take a look at our photo report from Cologne, Germany

Health Benefits

Long-term sitting without pain

Eliminates spine pressure

Improves working performance

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Improves posture without back pain

Based on yoga relaxation seat

Depressed center zone relieves pressure on the coccyx and critical body points, ensuring a healthy and comfortable sitting

The unique shape of the seat copies the shape of the human body and provides sitting on those parts of the body which are intended for this purpose.

Ergonomically shaped backrest provides ideal support for the lower back of the spine while sitting

*model Architekt




Height adjustable


Height and width adjustable armrests

Unique ergonomic design of  the seat

Tilt lock feature

Height adjastable cylinder

65 mm silent wheels

The Asana chair Is currently the leader in the evolution of healthy sitting and ergonomics. It is unique thanks to the design of its original seat. As the first chair in the world history of sitting furniture, it eliminates the cause of health problems arising from sitting permanently and without compromise.


The tests carried out at the Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics at Charles University in Prague in the Czech Republic have confirmed its 100% unrivalled efficiency and health effects which have been highly acclaimed by many orthopedic and therapeutic professionals, but especially by thousands of satisfied customers

The design of its unique seat was awarded 1st prizes at national and international competitions of original products and ideas. The seat of the Asana chair is the ergonomic copy of the “divine design” of human legs and calves, which alone create an ideal seat during yoga pose - VIRASANA


When this seat is applied on a chair all problems are solved automatically and there is no need for complex setup. That's why The ASANA chair is currently unrivalled on the market due to its health effects and ergonomic features. The owners of the ASANA chair simply enjoy sitting

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