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 “It can be said that the design structure TEST satisfies condition of strain minimizing at long-lasting sitting position without restriction. The TEST type improves the ergonomic quality of the seats design by its new, original conception of the seat surface in a remarkable way. Its dominant positive contribution can be seen in a reduction of the presses on the pelvic bottom simultaneously with the fixation of the pelvis in an optimal, adjustable position. This new element does not exist in any other variant of present standard seats. Therefore we recommend this principle to be implemented for the seats determined for workplaces with a monotonous and sedentary working mode, e.g. office workplaces with PCs, operators’ workplaces, car seats, and the like. We recommend also utilisation in health service, for example at the reduction of handicap consequences, vertebrogen syndrome and the like.”

Prof. Ing. Stanislav Otáhal, CSc,

Head of the research team
Laboratory of Biomechanics of Extreme Loads

Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics
Charles University in Prague, FTVS UK

Take a look at the testing on Charles University in Prague:

Take a closer look at the comparison of regular chair and Asana chair

after several hours sitting.

The course of the test


A certified test was carried out at Charles University in Prague. The picture depicts one of the participants after continuous seven-hour sitting.

The tested participant was sitting on a regular chair from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. As the result he suffered pain between the shoulder blades and in the lumbar region, discomfort in the neck region and slight discomfort in the tailbone region. After that the tested participant switched to the Asana chair on which he was sitting until 4 p.m. A significant decline of pain and discomfort is visible in all regions.

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