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How to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently – What others won’t tell you...


Hemorrhoids are a disease of






Dos and Don‘ts...


1. STRESS AND FEAR – Don’t take yourself, or what you do, too seriously.


Take everything that is happening around you as a game or a film that you are watching, but do not get too absorbed in the plot. Try not to be preoccupied with the past and the future for a while and concentrate on the present. Peace, harmony and happiness are hidden in the present. Dedicate yourself to spiritual matters, by which you will finally pay attention truly to yourself. Become conscious of the fact - which you have forgotten long time ago - that you are an exceptional eternal spiritual being whose only task is to be happy. You are eternal so do not get stressed out due to schedules or goals. You have unlimited eternal time to do what you desire and what you want to try. Stress and fear generate adrenaline which paralyzes the activity of kidneys and lungs.


2. HYPERACIDITY OF THE ORGANISM – When kidneys and lungs are weakened the organism becomes hyper acidic.


All known pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and parasites causing inflammations flourish in acidic environment.


We weaken the kidneys and lungs by inappropriate acidic:


- desires...                      Replace unreal desires for real ones.


- emotions...                   Replace negative emotions for positive ones ... hatred for love,                                                                        revenge for forgiveness, envy for kindness, expectations for hope...


- activities...                 Avoid unnatural activities – i.e. hyper acidifying activities. Natural activities are those which make us feel good – before, during and after the activity. If one of the phases does not make you feel good, the whole activity is unnatural and you should avoid it in the future. Treat yourself to an hour long alkaline bath every day ... Pour 2 kg of sea salt + 2 boxes of sodium bicarbonate into a half full bath.


- food and drinks...       Try not to eat meat, onion, garlic, mustard, black coffee and black tea, mushrooms, yeast, corn, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, cocoa, animal proteins, carbonated beverages, peanuts, vinegar, fizzy drinks, malt and canned food at least for one month.


                                        ...replace it for vegetables, fruits, legumes, potatoes, spelt flour, jasmine rice and freshly cooked homemade meals. Provide your body with minerals and vitamins.


For more information read the following books: “Health by Purification” and “pH Miracle”.


 3. IMPROPER SITTING – Avoid sitting on full solid surface which applies pressure on the rectum.


Try VIRASANA - a relaxing yogic sitting posture on your own calves.


If you have to sit for a long time at work, try the ASANA chair which ensures healthy and comfortable sitting without health problems and consequences.


Regular sitting on the ASANA chair has healing and preventive effects against hemorrhoids.

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